Mindfulness Programme for Children (7-13 years old)

About Us

At Changing Tomorrow, we instil all the workings that bring about a transformative change in children. We help them improve their lives, ultimately giving way to a healthier, happier, and more compassionate society.

Coaching Future Minds

Young people have a lot of potential to discover themselves and grow into responsible members of society. Our team of friendly and enthusiastic people have experience in imparting knowledge in a classroom setting, as well as helping kids at home.

We teach kids how to think, determine what their thoughts mean and the consequences of their actions.

That is what makes us better than the rest. As a result, kids develop healthy habits while still having their own unique personality.

How Mindfulness Works

The ability to think before we act is something adults do because we know the consequences of our actions. Mindfulness works by fostering this very habit in children. It allows them to maintain control over their own thoughts and actions. When they come up with a particularly damaging idea or are planning to do something dangerous, being mindful allows them to reconsider their action.

This doesn’t come naturally to kids – and that’s where we come in!

We use tried and tested methods to help them think about their actions. Children who know how to be mindful know the difference between what they want to do and what they should do!


98% – Number of children who said they benefitted from the programme.

92% – Witnessed an improvement in their ability to control emotions and deal with set-backs.

77% – Reported an improvement in relationships with their family and friends.

72% – Reported a far less aggressive and confrontational behaviour.

72% – Said it improved their ability to concentrate.

55% – Said they now enjoyed their life more and were happy.

Program Curriculum




Children learn how the mind functions and the advantages of maintaining focus.


Teaching them the importance of living in the present and how to limit their ability to get distracted easily.


Showing them the benefit of having a winning attitude.


Making them learn to appreciate everything and everyone in life.


Teaching them how to juggle their emotions and thoughts.

Kindness to Self

Making them learn the benefits of being kind to oneself.

Kindness to Others

Giving them the opportunity to share their love and kindness with others.


Set a path for children to follow in the future.


Enrol your child in the programme held at Bradford Centre, BD7 2EA. Call us on 0333 987 3940, or visit our website www.changingtomrrow.org.uk.

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