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About Us

The Founder

Nabil, the founder, has spearheaded the Changing Tomorrow mission following revolutionary training in the fields of CBT, NLP and Mindfulness, gaining qualifications across the UK. As a qualified Youth Mindfulness practitioner, accredited NLP Master practitioner and associate for coaching, a foundation was laid to cultivate these teachings and develop unique programmes for students.

Changing Tomorrow was founded in 2014 to deliver, with purity, Psychotherapy to both adults and children with the aim of improving quality of life. We are passionate about introducing these modern forms of personal development to those who have not experienced their benefits before or may not ordinarily have access to it.

We design programmes to facilitate in a wide range of coaching environments, including schools, one to one, group sessions and corporate training. For those a little apprehensive about the methods, we offer introductory sessions to adults and workshops for children. If you would like to apply, please get in touch with your request.

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Instead of living in the shadows of yesterday, Walk in the light of today and change your tomorrow.


Proud to be

Coaching Young People

Cultivating a richness in character at an early age is critical to one’s well-being for years to come, and children’s mind coaching is quickly becoming a popular way of achieving this.¬†Through fun and engaging meditation practices geared towards younger generations, we seek to better their emotional and mental health on a collective level, instilling the vital values of patience and compassion which we call “mindfulness”.

We are proud to offer sessions to children that are run by friendly, and enthusiastic professionals who have worked in both classroom and private settings. We are known for our flexibility and adaptability, and aim to provide lessons that best accommodate the needs of everyone involved, no matter how large or small the group.

We understand the impact we can make on the lives of children, and it is precisely this that drives us to provide high-quality sessions of youth mindfulness. Our experience, professionalism and dedication to children’s betterment mark the quality of what we do.

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