What is NLP?

It’s no mystery that our sensorial organs allow us to perceive only a little part of our surroundings. As if that wasn’t enough, our perception is being filtered through our beliefs, values, experiences and assumptions before it reaches our conscious mind.

Simply put, we are often incapable of noticing the things we’re looking for – such as work or business opportunities, reasons to smile, words to win an argument, etc. Now, if we could see the real world as it is, we would easily find the solution to most of our problems. NLP is a mental model, aimed to assist you with that task.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Every new thing we learn is being processed by our unconscious mind, assimilated and linked to a linguistic shortcut – be it a name, a concept, or a term. Physiologically, new information and habits create new neural pathways and nodes. The structure of these pathways determines how we are able to react to specific situations. Hence, many people simply cannot overcome procrastination, introversion or fear. They literally don’t have the required inner circuits to act differently. It’s not a matter of lack of willpower, manliness, IQ, or whatever other concepts our society created.

Can NLP help me?

As conscious beings, we are constantly learning, and thus creating new neural pathways every day. The problem is, we often do it chaotically and we get many bad habits, emotional complexes and misconceptions as a result. NLP is a branch of science that has developed a set of tools to help you understand and “re-wire” those connections. Its purpose is to help you to acquire the personal traits and attitudes you want. NLP is probably the most effective tool to help you if you’re having issues, such as:

  • Procrastination
  • Depression or sadness
  • Traumas or phobias
  • Socialisation problems
  • Constant feeling of rejection, fear or loneliness

How does NLP work?

Any of those conditions are nothing more than a set of habits, held inside our unconscious mind – it’s impossible to feel happiness if your mind keeps focusing on negative things; it’s impossible to do something in time if procrastination is a habit. The good news is, those habits can be changed. If you want to replace a negative trait or habit by a different one, you’ll be using the same mechanisms that created those habits, but in a different way. NLP offers you the right tools to do that effectively. You won’t have to fight with yourself, wasting your willpower; you won’t have to feel incomplete, flawed or broken. All you’re going to do is learn how your unconscious mind works, understand its language and shape your personality traits the way you’d want them to be.

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