Why do Children Misbehave?

The universal attribute of children around the world, regardless of which country they live in, their ethnicity, their religious or cultural background, and any other characteristic which normally has a defining impact on their personality and characteristics: Mischievous Behaviour.

They Feel Neglected and Seek Attention

On some occasions, children feel disjointed and distant from their parents. This is more apparent in cases when both the mother and father are working and away from them during long stretches of the day. As a result, they crave for attention. Displaying mischievous behaviour is there way of vying for their attention, regardless of the manner they go about it. Thus, the more they feel distant, the more severe the level of misbehaviour they might show.

Their Method of Getting Back at You

Children never forget. They have a lot of time on their hands to plot the perfect plan to take revenge from those who did them wrong. So, if you happen to notice a sudden increase in instances where they have resorted to misbehaving with you or others in specific, recall whether you did something harsh (i.e. gave them a scolding etc.). If that is the case, it might be possible that it might be the reason.

Show their Power

According to several researches, it has been found that children also misbehave in front of their parents as well as other older individuals in order to display a show of force and the power they have. Since most parents show unconditional love to their children and deeply care about them, they often let them get away with some form of unacceptable behaviour in hopes that they would soon evolve past it. However, children see it as a sign of weakness and take full advantage of it.



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