Why do Children Misbehave?

Mischievous behaviour is an inherent part of almost every child’s life as they grow up. When displayed on a regular basis though, such behaviour may prove to be detrimental in the long run. As a result of the potential harm it may cause, parents are often at a complete loss on how they should address the situation.

For any parent who shares these sentiments, here are just some of the reasons as to why their child might be acting out:

They Feel Neglected and Seek Attention

On some occasions, children may feel disjointed and distant from their parents. This is more apparent in cases when both the parents are working and away for long stretches of the day. As a result, they crave for attention. Displaying unnatural behaviour is their way of vying for their attention, regardless of the manner they go about it. Thus, the more distant they feel, the more negative behaviour and attitude they might show.

They Are Bored and Need Your Help Staying Busy

Some children are more active than others. As a result, they always want to spend their time doing one thing or the other. They just want to keep themselves busy. If they are prevented from doing so, they might resort to misbehaving with those who restrict them from doing so.

On other occasions, leaving them be might force them to partake in tasks which are not constructive. If this is the case, parents should direct their energy towards more positive and constructive tasks which will help them improve their knowledge and skills and develop their interest in things.

They Imitate Others Because They Are Impressionable

Children like to copy stuff they see on TV or watch others do. As a result, they might unknowingly adopt a bad habit which might seem to be taken as an act of misbehaving by one who is oblivious to it. So, it is up to parents to recognise this and discourage this act by telling them why it is bad to do so.

They Think it is Cool to be Rebellious

Again, watching TV exposes children to a lot of things which may not be in their best interest. As a result, they associate rebellious behaviour as a tactic which helps others give in to their demands. Parents need to be firm in this matter and ensure that the child understands such behaviour may only seem rewarding when on TV.

They Express their Emotions without Reservation

Some children are very emotional and are unable to keep their feelings within themselves. As a result, they do not hesitate to express their emotions, regardless of whether they are negative or positive. Consequently, the former type may be perceived as bad behaviour when in all honesty, it was not the case.

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